Sunday, September 13, 2009

f(x) and 4minute on Inkigayo

Here we go again!

Entering into another week of promotions, rookie girl group f(x) and comeback group 4Minute go head to head again on Inkigayo.

In the beginning, I got the vibe that 4Minute's "Muzik" was completely dominant over f(x)'s "La chA TA," but the f(x) girls have been getting lots of attention through their promotions and it's unclear just who is more popular.

Charismatic rapper Amber has been causing fangirls all over the world to question their sexual orientation, but a sunglassless Jiyoon and sexy Hyunah have been causing a storm among the fanboys in the k-pop world.

Tonight both girls faced it off on the Inki stage, f(x) stylish as usual and 4minute coordinated in blue. You may do a double-take with the latter group's hairstyles - Leader Jihyun looks fiercer with her hair up, but as for Hyunah's purple wig... what do you guys think, hit or miss?

Check out the performances below:



Bonus: f(x) Interview

So what do you guys think? Who rocked it better this week, "a more tasty and sexy" 4Minute or the "cute and charming" f(x)?
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