Monday, September 14, 2009

The first episode of Dream Team S2 is Here!


Finally, the first episode of the long-awaited, highly-anticipated KBS variety show Dream Team season two has been released!

We reported earlier that the second season of Dream Team would return after its first season in 10 years! Fresh faces were added to the show to much delight of SFI and 2ONEDAY.

The group of guests were divided into two; the 'old team' consisting of comedian Shin Jung Hwan, G.O.D's Danny and actor Byun Woo Min, and the 'young team' consisting of 2PM's Junho, SHINee's Minho, and actor Song Joong Ki. Lee Sang In, who is recognized as one of the top players from season one, even makes a guest appearance as a coach to assist the new members.

The show begins with both teams participating in a 100-meter dash, in which each man's running ability is tested. The 'young team' also challenges Jo Sung Mo, the undefeated champ from season one, in an intense competition of pole vaulting. The Dream Team then advances to Incheon Water Park to duke it out with a special unit of the HaeYang police force. A bold Minho even picks a fight with one of the police officers, but, of course, it's all just fun and games.

To the delight of Karaholics, girl group Kara also makes an appearance to celebrate the comeback of the show and to help select the 'best man' from the Dream Team.

Remember to wipe your drool after watching the action and testosterone packed episode below.
The videos will be updated with subs accordingly.