Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Billboard Korea Coming Soon!


K-charts should watch out, because Billboard is stretching its tendrils into Korea! The worldwide brand is expanding its boundaries and launching various projects soon, including a Korean-language website complete with mobile music applications and other entertaining yet easily accessible features. If the Korean brand follows its mother site's format, the new charts will be generated from sales, airplay, digital downloads etc.

Those of you that listen to American music have probably heard of Billboard.Com, the web branch of Billboard Magazine devoted to ranking the latest hits from mainstream pop to overseas hits. The magazine has been around for over a century, and stands unrivaled as the world's music information site. "Billboard has successfully launched in major territories such as Japan, Turkey and Russia," Billboard publisher Howard Appelbaum stated, "and Billboard Korea is the perfect way to expand the brand's ongoing international efforts."

Billboard has teamed up with ViewLife, a top Korean media company involved with online & mobile businesses, as well as Korea Entertainment Producer's Assn (KEPA), a nonprofit association, to develop the new charts, which will follow both artists in Korea and beyond. Viewlife is known to be a top media company rich with music licenses, digital content services etc; KEPA will bolster the new charts by actively following the popularity and success of the hottest artists.

Since the Korean music industry is thriving with popular artists (not to mention the new ones budding by the week), Billboard's expansion into Korea seemed inevitable if not belated. Appelbaum noted, "South Korea is a key music market, and we're thrilled to be working with ViewLife and KEPA to bring new and exciting digital/mobile products as well as Billboard charts -- the measure of success in music -- to this country."

"This will be the stepping stone to for us take Korean music to the world," KEPA chairman Jung Dae Ahn has expressed. "KEPA will be able to provide its artists with a larger market and a greater vision in a more efficient and realistic method."

If Billboard Korea truly rises above all of those charts that are choking the music scene (Melon, Hanteo, Soribada, Muz, MNET, Musicon & Dosirak to name a few) and becomes a legit source for all of us to rely on, I'm sure I won't be the only one who will be immensely relieved!

sources: Reuters, hollywoodreport