Friday, September 11, 2009

Triple Crown Victory at Music Bank for G-Dragon, Record-Breaking Win!

big bang

G-Dragon's making his rounds again to pick up yet another award this week! With his Music Bank win tonight, GD's k-chart victory count currently totals up to five, and it's only his second week of live performances. Congrats to this leader; he's not only breaking hearts but records as well, setting a new high for Music Bank at a whopping 18,995 points!

Note though that Music Bank's point system is sporadic and changes constantly. It's unfair to compare it to past performances and what not... but still... 18,995... that's pretty insane.

As usual, this performance gets fans' hearts a-thumpin', and, as usual, GD doesn't fail to disappoint. I have to bite back from laughing at his tux though, it's ridiculously adorable. If it were anyone else, I'd feel embarrassed for him/her, but G-Dragon can pull off anything he wears. Kind of.

Will all this Heartbreaker hype die down any time soon? Check out his appearance at Music Bank!

G-Dragon, Brown Eyed Girls & Baek Ji Young trade moves backstage, what dorks:

Win and Encore:

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