Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Junior-M Releases “Super Girl” MV

super junior
That's right, we've got Super Junior-M's "Super Girl" music video for you, right off the press! After confirming their comeback, and then teasing fans with MV snippets & photos, the full MV has been released.

This seven-man subset of Super Junior has been pretty inactive since ending their promotions for their Me album, and they're making it up double with this comeback. The international group is aiming high and spreading out - just now, the "Super Girl" MV was released simultaneously in Korea, China, Taiwan and Taiwan via their official homepage.

SM Entertainment stated that the music video presents a "house party" concept - not the type with alcohol and illegal acts, but a disco ball, balloons and a certain, very pretty Super Girl by the name of Jessica. (She's in this group called SNSD, you might've heard of them before?) She charms her way into the heart of the lead, Hankyung.

This music video shows a maturation from Super Junior-M's past concepts to a newer, upgraded image. Filming was completed just a few weeks ago in GyeongGiDo by a production team led by Cho Soo Hyun, the man behind the music videos of Mirotic (DBSK), Gee (SNSD) and It's You (Super Junior). With such a beastly track record, you can't go wrong, and indeed, this is a MV that doesn't fail to impress. As for the song itself, Super Girl's got an electronic, retro feel with a touch of European house beats, kind of like "Sorry Sorry" by SJ-M's main group. Seeing how popular that was, I think these boys have a good shot at success rivaling their predecessors.

Without further ado, here's the full MV - fans & nonfans, feast your eyes & ears on Super Junior-M's latest hit complete with Chinese subtitles!

super junior

Also look forward to the release of the entire mini-album later this month! Stay tuned to allkpop for more developments right when they come out.

Super Junior-M Comeback trail
11th September (Last Friday) - SJ-M album teaser
14th September (Monday) - MV release
18th September (Friday) - Exclusive chat with SJ-M on

Super Girl Mini-album tracklist

super junior

02. 到了明天(Blue Tomorrow)
03. 告白(Confession)
04. 動情 (Only U)
05. 愛情接力(You & Me)

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