Monday, September 14, 2009

Sungmin and Jung Mo Won’t Let Rock Die

Super Junior's Sungmin and TRAX's Kim Jung Mo have teamed up on the MBC program "Oppa Band" to let Korea know rock is still going strong in the midst of kpop goodness.

To kick off the mini rock concert of sorts in a high school setting, Jung Mo rocked the stage with his solo rendition of 2NE1's hit "I Don't Care." Much like several kpop hits that preceded it, "I Don't Care" seems to be the "it" track to be covered these days! Students were practically in tears as they screamed, squealed, and danced along to Jung Mo's sick guitar licks.

Then, Super Junior member Sungmin made quite a transition from his lovable and cute idol personality to a rock star as he took the stage soon after. Armed with his silky smooth voice and obnoxiously pink guitar, Sungmin wooed the fangirls with his heart wrenching rendition of Radiohead's classic hit "Creep."

After hearing the screams, it just goes to show that rock isn't going anywhere any time soon! Even though the industry is over populated with idol groups and sugary sweet pop, the raw emotions and sounds that rock provides is just too timeless to fade away. Rock on!

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