Thursday, September 10, 2009

SNSD’s Yuri Does the Tango

During the last recording of Star King, SNSD's Yuri danced the tango when an Argentinian tango dancer visited the set. The dance was specially prepared for this episode and she pulled it off as if she was a natural!

Yuri received a lot of applause as she danced with a professional tango dancer, who said she is the most beautiful señorita of Korea's best girl group!

The entire dance routine was perfect. Not to mention her sexy and sparkly black dress that made her look absolutely stunning.

I'm sure we all can agree that Yuri is a beautiful girl and this jaw-dropping dance routine just sent her over the top.

The episode is set to air on September 12th. Stay tuned for the video!
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Anonymous said...

can you post the video up or find it? i can't find it anywhere.