Thursday, September 17, 2009

The secrets of Big Bang’s past: revealed!

big bang

We reported earlier that all the members of Big Bang would be on MBC's The Secret Star. The episode is out and the pasts of all the Big Bang members has been revealed! Things you've never imagined and things they've always been too embarrassed of and wanted to keep buried forever have now been exposed!

The show goes back into each member's past and interviews people like the member's teachers and peers to find out what they were like before they debuted, and the facts are quite interesting! Stuff like how G-Dragon was not a normal kid and was already writing rap lyrics since he was 4 back in '92, and how the sexy and charismatic TOP overcame his obesity.

The stories will make you laugh and be astonished in this exclusive 5 part episode of Big Bang's past!

Source: allkpop