Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old School G.O.D. performance on M! Countdown

Taewoo from the old school group G.O.D. (Groove Over Dose) got together with Ryan of Paran, 8eight and Mighty Mouth for a special performance of their former hit single "Lies" on MNet M! Countdown.

G.O.D. was one of the most popular boy bands from the late 90's - early 2000's, they're one of the few groups to have an album go over a million sales. They've been inactive the past couple of years with members studying in school, Taewoo doing his mandatory military service, and Joon Park going to Hollywood (he had a role as Yamcha in the box-office bomb Dragonball Evolution).

It's good to see some of these old school KPoppers perform on music programs. It'll be cool if some of the old school groups could make a comeback but it probably won't happen. Thanks to david for the tip.

cr: dailykpopnews

Original MV of Lies from 2000:

cr: BehindTheYellowLine