Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nich Khun “Cheats” On Girls Generations’ Yoona

So, fairly recently, during SangSangPlus Season 2, 2PM’s charm Nich Khun had declared that he liked YoonA. However, looks like Nich Khun is digging on a new lady.

2PM’s Nich Khun had chosen the “figure skating princess” Kim YunAh as his ideal type of girl. On the episode of KBS2 “Shin DongYup Shin BongSuns’ Champaine” aired on the 12th, Nich Khunentertained the viewers with his talk and during the “Ideal Type Worldcup,” Kim YunAh was his final choice.

After the battle of the beautiful ladies, Jeon JiHyun and KimYunAhwere in the finals and the 2PM’s charm decided on Kim YunAh. He even left a video message for her saying, “Good luck practicing and don’t get hurt, and make sure to eat your meals, and see you later.”

Meanwhile, when the question was asked to Nich Khun about revealing his girlfriend, he said, “Since I’m an idol, I think the fans are going to attack her and giver her a hard time” declining to reveal his girlfriend if he had one.

source: kbites