Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Fair Lady 1.5 OST Album Released

Lady Castle

For those of you keeping up with the drama, "My Fair Lady," some new music is coming your way. A new song has been released and it's being sung by Brown Eyed Girls' very own, Narsha.

There's two tracks in total and both are titled, "I Love You." They're both basically the same song sung by Narsha featuring two different people. One song features Miryo, the sexy, powerful, and charismatic rapper from Brown Eyed Girls, and the other track features Jang Geun Ee. (장근이) Jang Geung Ee is also known to be one of MC Mong's closest friends and the rap teacher for F.T Island. Both songs are very pleasant to my ears and I hope you guys will like it too.

vid cr: moraynnie2
"I Love You Ft. Miryo" - Narsha

"I Love You Ft. Jang Geun Ee" - Narsha