Saturday, September 12, 2009

MBC cuts Rain off from broadcast?


It's a question that fans of world star Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) have been asking a lot. Why was Rain's performance at the Incheon Korean Wave Festival edited away from MBC's broadcast this afternoon?

There was no Music Core this afternoon, 12th September as MBC showed the concert footage from the Incheon Korean Wave Festival held last Saturday, 5th September, at the Incheon World Cup Stadium. On that day, Rain had took the final stage of the festival but that performance wasn't broadcasted, filling fans with curiosity, as Super Junior was shown closing out the show instead. Many of you were wondering in our coverage about the non-appearance of Rain.

An official of Music Core revealed, "Rain had originally assumed that his stage wouldn't be broadcasted. Rain's performance wasn't removed, he just didn't want it to be broadcasted, and that is why it was not shown on TV this afternoon".

Sounds kind of strange, but that's the way it is. Here's the fancam.

credit: scorpiolabi