Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Legally Blonde: The Musical Press Conference


We reported earlier that a Korean musical version of the hit 2001 movie "Legally Blonde" would be hitting the COEX Artium this November.

On September 15th, a press conference was held with the producer, director, choreographer, and cast present to answer questions.

When the producer was asked why SNSD / Girl's Generation's Jessica was casted for the starring role of Elle Woods, he joked, "Out of all the SNSD members, she's the only one with blonde (golden) hair."

He continued to answer the question seriously. "Frankly, the singers we were considering didn't have the ability to sell tickets well. The 800-seat theater is hard to fill with four months of promotion."

Ouch... but of course, it isn't like Jessica is just a poster girl.

"We met with SNSD members several times, and as a result Jessica wanted to be part of the musical and with her superior singing and dancing skills, she was casted."

Enjoy some images from the press conference below:[Click to get a bigger view]

Stay tuned and look forward to the musical's first performance in November!

Fancam of Press Conference:

credit: Codemonmonseason4

Source: allkpop