Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Kiss Saves Yunho’s Life

In the premiere episode of MBC's drama "Heading to the Ground", U-Know Yunho, who is casted as the lead role of a soccer player, shares a kiss with actress Lee Yoon Ji, who plays the soccer team's nutritionist.

This particular scene begins a solemn Yunho talking to Lee Yoon Ji by the edge of Han River after discovering that his ex-girlfriend's marriage. Out of nowhere, a soccer ball comes flying at Yunho, knocking Yunho into the water. After Lee Yoon Ji rescues him, she then proceeds to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the DBSK leader.

Both Yunho and Lee Yoon Ji have expressed feelings of nervousness for the kissing scene.

Yunho confessed, "During the night before the shooting, I was trembling. Even in variety dramas, I never met lips with anyone. I was shaking so much that I could not even sleep well. However, Yoon Ji-noona led well."

"I thought I was the only one feeling nervous," fellow cast member Lee Yoon Ji commented. She added, "There were a lot of Yunho fans on set so I tried to finish the scene as quickly and efficiently as possible," sending a round of laughter from those on the set.

Surprisingly, the premiere episode only managed to rack in a disappointing 7.2% of Korean TV viewers, opposed to the high ratings of SBS's "Swallow the Sun" and "My Fair Lady" (17.4%).

Perhaps it wasn't a full-on make-out session, but just the possibility of Yunho locking lips with the opposite sex is enough to make fangirls squirm in their seats. Cassiopeians may want to shield their eyes for the first episode, but here are a couple more shots from the drama, featuring Yunho and his co-star Go Ara.

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