Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kim Jeong Hoon Gets Sexy


UN member Kim Jeong Hoon was always known for his cute and charming image but for the first time in 9 years after debuting, Kim Jeong Hoon showed a dark image with smokey makeup black hair.

I always remembered him as the cutie from Goong and as the guy who rocked the orange hair but seeing these pictures makes him look like a whole different person; I could hardly tell who he is.

The reason why Kim Jeong Hoon is showing this dark image is because this is his sexy concept for his 1st solo mini album. His album was released today and his voice is sweet as ever, especially in his title song "In your Eyes".

This is Kim Jeong Hoon's return to the music scene after 3 years and a half after his days as a member of UN. I'm sure all of his nuna fans are siked to have him back.

Check out the music video for his song "In Your Eyes" and his other songs from his new mini album!

기억에 불다/ Remembering The Fire.

그댄 없는걸/ She Doesn't.

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