Friday, September 11, 2009

Hottests Boycotting 2PM

The controversy surrounding 2PM's leader Park Jaebeom never seems to end. After his MySpace incident, he had resigned from the group and returned home to Seattle on the 8th.

Jaebeom's agency, JYP Entertainment, responded to this incident saying, "We ask that everyone will respect his decision".
Recently, however, Hottests are throwing back arguments to JYPE, saying 'the agency did not do enough to protect their singer (Jaebeom)' and blaming the whole controversy on the agency.

Yesterday, 60 2PM fan clubs worldwide made a joint statement saying, "We will not accept the actions of JYPE. We are angry that JYPE did not fulfill their duty as Jaebeom's agents to make an effort to protect him".

They also stated, "We all reject a 2PM without Jaebeom. 2PM fans to this day have been supporting a group of members including Park Jaebeom. All fan unions have agreed and concluded that we will boycott all events without Jaebeom. Anything to do with 2PM without Jaebeom, we will boycott".

Hottests continued, "We have decided to boycott the Dream Concert on 9th October, and all music released under JYP's name", and concluded, "All these actions will continue until Jaebeom is returned to his rightful position as a leader".
Cr. allkpop