Wednesday, September 9, 2009

G-Dragon Likes f(x)‘s Sulli?

Well maybe like is a strong word, but G-Dragon does think she's cute at least. G-Dragon was a guest on Jung Sun Hee's LOVE FM today and was asked about his ideal girl, girl groups, and being a sunbae.

When asked what love means to him, G-Dragon stated that love means to give it your all. The question was followed by the most-asked question in an interview, What is your ideal type? G-Dragon simply stated that he likes cute girls.

He went on to talk about girl groups in general, "There's so many girl groups these days. I don't really talk to them so I look like I have no friends...I became older than everyone else out of nowhere. They all call me Sunbaenim and it's so weird but amusing."

While they were on the topic of girl groups, Jung Sun Hee asked him if there were any specific girls in girl groups he thinks is cute. He replied by saying he thought Sulli from newly debuted girl group f(x) was cute. He said, "She seems very cute."

Poor Sulli, she can't even respond if she did like him because she's an idol member and so is he. On top of that, she's new so she can form antis easily.

Though Jung Sun Hee tried to make him admit to having feelings for Sulli, he went on to say she was a cute hubae and nothing more.

We all know it's very difficult for idol group members to date these days - what a shame!

As for Sulli and G-Dragon, they would be a cute couple. Can you think of any other idol couples? And please, don't name couples withIN the same idol group, we have enough of that. I'm thinking some Big Bang / SNSD action would be cool, we never see those two together.

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