Sunday, September 6, 2009

f(x)‘s First Unofficial Fanmeeting

f(x)'s popularity is clearly showing as they held a fanmeeting just two days after their debut!

f(x), who released their digital single Lachata through an online music site, had their debut stage on Music Core on September 5th, followed by Inkigayo on the 6th.

Just after their Inkigayo performance, f(x) headed over to a park in Seoul's SBS center and held a surprise fanmeeting. Although there were no plans made for this fanmeeting, there were about 500 fans present, which just proves they're already gaining popularity. Being their first fanmeeting, it was a special moment for both f(x) members and the fans, and the girls greeted their fans by shaking hands with all of them.

An observer stated, "After f(x)'s performance, they met their fans at Een-Keun Park. The recently debuted f(x) and their fans had a good time, despite it being their first meeting."

This new girl group has been gathering much attention, even before their actual debut. From their pretty faces, impressive resumes and on-stage professionalism, f(x) was able to prove themselves on their debut stages while performing Intro and Lachata.

Netizens have also complimented them by saying, "They're cute and powerful at the same time", "A new girl group has emerged", "Their voices as well as their dancing skills are amazing. They showed much more energy on the second day."

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