Friday, September 18, 2009

Eun Ji Won Dated a Fin.K.L Member?


Not quite, but he almost did! Eun Ji Won was a guest on the most recent episode of Golden Fishery - Radio Star where he told the viewers he almost dated a Fin.K.L member when he was still part of Sechs Kies.

The MC, Kim Gura asked him if he ever dated someone from S.E.S. or Fin.K.L and that is when Eun Ji Won dropped his confession. Though Kim Gura tried to grill him to say who it was, Eun Ji won said, "I can't say who it is. I just know we almost dated and but we did not actually date."

On this episode he also mentioned his old idol group, Sechs Kies, was really divided. Him, JaeDuk and Jae Jin were close and Kang Sunghoon, Go Ji Yong, and Jang Su Won were close. He called them White Kies and himself with his friends, Black Kies. He talked about how they would split up and sometimes not speak to each other for a long time.

Weird hearing about the division within Sechs Kies. You would think that all idol groups get along great but tension always seems to rise. No wonder they separated.

Back to the good stuff, who do YOU think Eun Ji Won almost dated?

Source: allkpop