Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eugene’s Ideal Man Is Lee Minki?

Eugene, who has recently filmed a segment for KBS's "Champagne", eliminated G-Dragon in favor of Lee Minki in a segment called "Ideal Person World Cup."

After Lee Minki found out about this, he said, "Noona, I heard you picked me as your ideal man? Am I really your ideal or is it because I'm a pushover?" Eugene responded cutely by saying, "Why~? I enjoy watching you act nowadays and stuff" and the two of them shared a laugh.

Lee Minki also added, "Eugene-noona and I are pretty close, so we always encourage each other as best we can when we're filming dramas or movies. She even came out to the movie premiere of 'A Million' to support me" and said that the two of them are maintaining a close relationship.

I just wonder, how close are these two? I loved the chemistry between the two in the MBC 2006 drama, "Really Really Like You" when the two of them were coupled, and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing some real-life chemistry between them. They're only 4 years apart, so you never know! Heehee.

What do you guys think?
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