Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Epik High Taunts G-Dragon?

Of course, it's not intentional... or is it?

Netizens have been cooking up some more beef for people to gossip about.

Epik High's track "Wannabe" off of their new album, [e] when juxtaposed against G-Dragon's "Breathe" shows some striking similarities.

First, check out this video by our friend cityincolors and then read on to get your mind blown:

Similar right? Alright, well here we go.

The lyrics to "Wannabe" show obviously that Epik High is against plagiarism.

The translated lyrics go something like:

It looks fresh, but it feels like it's been done before. Singing the same song, lips to nose. When choosing clothes, add some touch to the style. You think you got swag? Just imitate-imitate, everyone imitates.

With me so far? Well it gets deeper.

"Breathe" is one of the few tracks on G-dragon's new album that hasn't been accused of plagiarism. Of course, some of the claims are complete bogus (a.k.a netizens not having a sense of humor and thinking that G-Dragon "copied" lyrics from Gee.... c'mon...), but "Breathe" is considered to be one of the rare original tracks that the Big Bang leader has put out. (This Love anyone?)

Netizens pointed out that Epik High is obviously trying to send a message here by plagiarizing" the "un-plagiarized" song from GD's album.

It's also been pointed out that the lyrics of "Wannabe" make a quip about G-Dragon's "fashionista" status by saying "When choosing clothes, add some touch to the style."

So what do you think: Is Epik High throwing down the gauntlet and taunting G-Dragon or is this just a harmless song about plagiarism that serves a universal purpose against all artists who try to cheat the system by copying songs?

Credits: BK!