Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dara and Lee Minho’s Cass 2X CF is Out!

After several teaser photos of Lee Min Ho and Dara on set smooching were revealed the public, crushing the hearts of fangirls and fanboys alike, the long-awaited Cass 2X CF/MV Teaser has finally been released!

As we suspected, Dara's solo song, "Kiss" was featured in the CF/MV teaser as well, as the lyrics of a girl needing her man to be more aggressive, and just simply kissing her corresponded to the overall plot.

cr: leeminhovn

Although Lee Min Ho could have toned down on the eyeliner a bit (it seems like he was wearing more make-up than Dara herself), the hot couple riding in a red Ferrari together is definitely enough to make viewers green with envy.

But what do you think about the CF? Hot or not? In the meantime while waiting for the full music video, you can also check out the YG Ladies Forums.
Cr. allkpop