Monday, September 21, 2009

CCTV Results of Kangin’s Assault Case Revealed

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Kangin's CCTV findings about his assault case were released today.

The police have revealed the results after analyzing the CCTV video for the past few days. The police revealed through a press release, "Kangin and the other man involved threw punches and kicked each other on the street in front of the bar. After learning about this, Kangin's sunbae came and got involved in the fight, also throwing punches and kicking."

They continued, "All 7 people involved have been sentenced with acts of violence and legal violations but they are not slapped with a restraining order and are thus not going to prison. As for Kangin, we acknowledge the fact that Kangin tried to keep himself away from the fight. He tried many times to ignore the one person that kept following him and using violence against him. We will count Kangin's acts of violence as self defense."

Kangin said, "As a public figure, I am sorry for my actions. I am sorry for this act and making everyone worried. This thing will not happen again in future."

The police concluded that the fight involved Kangin, two men who escaped the fight, one person who was with Kangin, and three extra people.

Kangin had denied the charges made against him 5 days ago and now the truth is finally out. The police have decided Kangin did try to stay out of it which makes it self defense but he must go to court for a further and more detailed decision about his punishment because he is charged with an act of violence violation.

Source. allkpop