Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brown Eyed Girls Hit The Jackpot!

Unconventional yet fabulous girl group Brown Eyed Girls has made the equivalent of $8.1 million US dollars (10,000,000,000 won) through their “Abracadabra” promotions. In just a few months- through mobile ringtone sales, online downloads and album sales alone, BEG was able to rake in this momentous amount of money! This $8.1 million estimation does not include money earned through performances.

This achievement is significant for many reasons. At the moment, the music scene is inundated with a number of idol groups. Asiae has claimed that although the three mega entertainment companies SM, YG and JYP have monopolized the industry- the dance category in particular- BEG has been able to captivate fans through their music alone.

A representative for BEG has stated, “To be honest, our company was worried that our marketing efforts were nowhere near that of other companies. However, as the song, music video and dance were disclosed to the public, a synergistic effect occurred. We feel as though the masses were able to differentiate between good and bad music. Even without marketing techniques, consumers now rummage around for the specific type of music they enjoy and purchase it.”

BEG made their 3rd album comeback in July and through their hit “Abracadabra,” topped every online music chart, including Melon, at #1. Also, at the Cyworld Awards in August, BEG won the award titled “This Month’s Song.” In addition, BEG members Narsha and Miryo participated in the “My Fair Lady” OST by singing the hit, “I Love You,” which also hit #1 on cyworld. Congrats to BEG for creating a name for themselves amidst fierce competition from idol groups. At the end of the day, it's all about the music!
Source: allkpop