Saturday, September 19, 2009

Being a Choi Makes You Tall?

There has been an interesting fact going around the world of netizens that has been stirring up a bit of interest.

Among the many idol groups that have sprung up from SM Entertainment, a trend can be found.

Tallest Members in:

super junior
Super Junior: Choi Siwon at 183 cm

SNSD / Girl's Generation: Choi Sooyoung 169-170 cm

SHINee: Choi Minho ~181 cm

TVXQ / DBSK: Choi Kang Chang Min ~186 cm


f(x): Choi Sulli Unknown height, but it has been confirmed that she is taller than Victoria

It's a really interesting trend there.

What do you guys think? Is this some SM conspiracy or a mere coincidence?
Source: allkpop


Anonymous said...

Chang Min's name is not Choi Kang Chang Ming. That's only his stage name, so, that statement is false. His birth name is Shim Chang Min, making the statement out of sync and incorrect.

twinstars said...

you're right! all the choi's family are so i wish i can be that tall too...hahaha!!!