Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baek Ji Young Says Taecyeon is Okay

These past few days, many people worldwide have felt sympathy for Jaebeom, the ex-leader (?) of 2PM; however, fans are also paying attention to the rest of the group members as they are affected by this situation just as much (if not more) as everyone else.

Baek Ji Young, the Korean female singer who has been promoting her latest song, My Ear's Candy, with Taecyeon, replied to a comment on her Cyworld informing a 2PM fan that Taecyeon seemed different after the incident; however, his strong will as a singer made him continue promoting the song with her.

Here's what the fan said:

This is a bit sudden for me to write to you...
I know Taecyeon is probably going through a hard time
Please cheer him on and make him strong when you are next to him
And also, I want to cheer you on your career too!
But I really ask you to help Taecyeon, as a favor... Please.

Baek Ji Young replied:

You would understand me if I told you I felt the same way, right?
Taecyeon seems to have less to say these days
But the decision to continue promoting the song together was a decision we made together
So please cheer us on so he can do his best
I hope there are no more events that make the world shake and fall apart...

This message is heart-warming. Baek seems to an honest opinion on what has happened. Though she wasn't involved, she seems to be reaching out to her fellow performer and it's great to see that she cares for his well-being. Even though Taecyeon is quieter now, we're glad to see that he's staying strong. Best of luck to him, the rest of 2PM and all Hottests going through this turmoil with them.
source: allkpop