Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8Eight to have their First Theater Concert

It has been announced that gender-mixed group 8Eight will have their first theater stage performance called "Maximize Level" to feature their third and latest album, "Golden Age"! For three days, from October 9th to the 11th, the group will have their concert at the Seoul DaeChiDong KT&G Sang Sang Art Hall. 8Eight will participate in the Sang Sang Relay Concert along with artists Park Hye Kyung, Go Yoo Jin, and Wax.

Leader of the pack, Lee Hyun, has expressed that this concert will show a different and more lively 8Eight, overflowing with energy. He has also revealed that they will perform their usual emotional ballads, but on top of that, have been preparing for a more dynamic and vibrant feel.


On a side note, although 8Eight's first theater concert "Maximize Level" has not had much publicity, the ticket sales say otherwise. Good for them!
Source: allkpop