Friday, September 11, 2009

4minute’s Hot DJ Dance!

I'm sure you've seen 4Minute's HOT comeback performances on Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo, and M!Countdown. But if you haven't noticed by now, Muzik. is not only an addicting track but also an addicting dance!

On their MTV show, famous choreographer AJ was seen creating a routine for 4Minute's new song, Muzik. In the episode, he gave them the DJ dance. It's when the girls put one hand on their ear like a DJ and shake their shoulders. This choreographer has worked with Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher and many more, so it was a great honor for 4Minute. With that said, check out the clips below!

4Minute getting some dance tips from AJ!

Final product: DJ Dance from their music video! (around 1:35)

The DJ dance has officially caught netizens' eyes. Will it be the next trend?
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