Friday, August 7, 2009

SNSD performs at the Global Fair and Festival 2009

There was a reason for SNSD's absence at Music Bank as they were performing at the "Incheon Global Fair & Festival 2009". Fellow SM band SHINee and MC Mong performed as well, but SNSD could not fit Music Bank into their schedule because SNSD is actually the ambassador for the event and the schedule was just too conflicting to add in Music Bank. The festival, which runs from August 7th to October 25th, is a huge event that takes place once a year and is a fair full of exhibitions featuring culture, new technology, and environment friendly options to regular life.

The girls performed Genie on a huge stage with an even bigger screen behind them so that the fans that had to sit a mile away could see something. The live performance was great and the girls really showed off at an important event.

Their new CF for "Incheon Global Fair & Festival 2009".

SHINee's performance:

MC Mong:

In other news, SNSD's Sunny, Yuri, and Hyoyeon covered Tasha's "As Time Goes By" on Dreamy Radio, previously covered by Taeyeon. The three girls showed off their powerful vocals, and it's becoming a question how much they have left to prove. They can sing, dance, take care of babies, oh, and look extremely beautiful.

Yuri, Sunny, and Hyoyeon singing As Time Goes By:

Taeyeon singing As Time Goes By:

Thanks to lolli108 and kpoplove for the tips!