Saturday, August 22, 2009

Han Hyo Joo and Chung Lim’s new Jambangee photos

Clothing Company Jambangee recently released new photos on their official website of their newest models, actress Han Hyo Joo and rookie singer/actor Chung Lim, modeling their ’09 Fall/Winter collection.

The majority of the past photos that Jambangee released were of Han Hyo Joo, looking good enough to eat, modeling Jambangee’s new ‘Lucky Jean’ denim line. Before now, the only Jambangee photos that were released of Chung Lim were more so behind the scenes type pics of him taking part in the design process of Jambangee’s new ’09 Fall/Winter line. FYI, Hyo Joo had a hand in designing Jambangee’s new line as well. In the new set of recently released photos Chung Lim and Hyo Joo are modeling together and, even though the focus is mainly on Hyo Joo, the pics provide excellent eye candy for both males and females alike. [Click on the pic to get a bigger view]



lucylee said...

i love han hyo joo so much she`s so pretty and sexy,,,hope i can see them together with lee seung gi again in another project,,,they`re such a nice couple,,,keep it up girl,,,,saranghe,,