Monday, August 31, 2009

SNSD to promote Digital Television conversion

SNSD has been appointed goodwill ambassadors for Korea's digital television conversion campaign.

The Broadcast Communications Commission announced on the 31st, "We have appointed SNSD as our goodwill ambassadors for the 'switch to digital television' campaign. We felt that SNSD's wholesome sporty image and appeal to a wide range of age groups, will help us to amplify our message across the nation. We also hope that through this campaign, more can learn more about the benefits that digital television (HDTV) brings, compared to analog. Digital offers better picture and sound quality plus access to interactive services."

Korea aims to cease all forms of analog broadcasting by 2012 and hopes that broadcasters/citizens can switch to digital as soon as possible. Apart from the 3 major tv broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC) and a few others, most broadcasters and citizens are still using analog tv equipment.

SNSD will be officially appointed as ambassadors on the morning of 3rd September in a special ceremony at Seoul's Hilton Hotel.
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