Friday, August 21, 2009

Lee Minho, Kim Hyun Joong and UEE’s Magic Holes

No, it's not what you're thinking you sick byunts (but I do admit, the jokes are endless). AnyCall released their new phone Magic Hole, and with Son Dambi busy with Dream, AnyCall enlisted the help of After School's UEE to partner BBF's boys, Lee Minho and Kim Hyun Joong.

You'd think that AnyCall would be gracious to enlist the beautiful three for just one CF, but no. They released a whopping four different CF's! But wait, there's more! Each of the CF's give out plenty of fanservice for all parties involved. There's a bit of Kim Hyun Joong x UEE, Kim Hyun Joong x Lee Min Ho, UEE messing with Lee Minho, UEE x Magic Hole... you get the picture.

Aside from the amazing eyecandy involved, the CF's themselves can be described as... eccentric. It's madness and then overflowing with chessy humor... but I love it.

CF 1

The first 30 second clip starts off with the boys sitting at a restaurant and Hyun Joong asking, "Hey... where did you come from?"

Lee Minho responds, "I don't know... all I remember is this feeling." and proceeds to draw a circle like a 3rd grader.

Then Hyun Joong points to his phone and shouts, "Me too.... BROTHER!!!"

They both spazz and commence the fanservice.

CF 2

This is pretty self-explanatory... there isn't anything in the entire 2:17 seconds that requires translation. You might need to close your mouth though after watching UEE swing her hips. UEE will definitely sell more than enough phones with her 52 second clip to make signing her on for the CF worthwhile.

CF 3

*Cue overplayed drama music*

Kim Hyun Joong plays the overdramatic boyfriend leading his seriously underdramatic girl down some abandoned hallway.

He slams UEE into a wall and things start to heat up when he holds up the Magic Hole and then mumbles something about AnyCall. It's literally not understandable.

Anyway, all three CF's weren't anything near normal, but still very enjoyable. The phone itself looks pretty bad... but then again, who's looking at the phone?

CF 4

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