Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kara claims Mutizen on Inkigayo for Wanna

Kara broke the streak of Brown Eyed Girls by claiming their 2nd-ever Mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo on 30th August.

After back-to-back wins for Brown Eyed Girls over the past 2 weeks (16 and 23rd August), they looked right on track to claim their maximum quota of 3 wins to make a triple crown. But it was not to be for Brown Eyed Girls who couldn't conjure enough Abracadabra, as Kara picked up their first award for Wanna since releasing it in late July. This was Kara's second Mutizen, their first coming on 8th March, with Honey.

All of them were shocked and teary-eyed after the announcement.

Kara with Wanna.

Kara seems to have continued on the girl groups momentum, with previous Inkigayo winners being SNSD, 2NE1 and the Brown Eyed Girls. But with a certain G-Dragon making his debut this afternoon, things will probably change. He has afterall already won his first K-Chart on Music Bank this past Friday, without even performing there.

Many thanks to CodeMonmonSeason3 for videos.