Thursday, August 20, 2009

DBSK breaking up for good?


DBSK's Junsu, Micky, and Jaejoong will have their first hearing regarding their situation with SM Entertainment on the 21st. An appeal to the courts to suspend the exclusive contract between DBSK and SM Entertainment was made (by DBSK) and if by chance the exclusive contract suspension does not go through, the 3 members will leave the group. Furthermore, it is being speculated that the two members who did not partake in the appeal, Yunho and Changmin, will walk a separate path with three new members.

Considering all this, the reactions of the fans will probably cause absolute chaos. Not only this, but people who are vying for the three open spots of DBSK will also be tearing up a storm to get a chance. DBSK's fan club Cassiopeia is currently boycotting SM Entertainment. With the cancellation of SM TOWN LIVE '09, they began the boycott on the 12th and are continuing to do so.

Of course, people are unsure of which way the wind will blow as of yet. Things with SME may be resolved, but the probability of the group breaking up is also quite real.

Stay tuned for more on this story.

Source: Newsen