Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SNSD’s Jessica to star in Legally Blonde musical

SNSD/Girls' Generation member Jessica has been cast for the 'Legally Blonde Musical' which will be performed on November 14th at the Coex Atrium (For those of you in Korea, that would be at the Samseong stop on line 2).

An official for the musical expressed that Jessica will be making that transition from a singer to an actress on the stage for 'Legally Blonde' Musical.

With her icy complexion and the ability to scare SHINee members, I'm not sure how Jessica will be able to transform into the bubbly Havard attending blonde that she will play, but she's been impressive so far in her career, plus a recent sitcom cameo, plus I'm sure fellow SNSD member YoonA can give some pointers on acting.

Hmm, given that Jessica is from America anyway, I'm sure she's seen Legally Blonde and will already have a good background for her character. Although her 8 sisters won't be joining her to back her up, Jessica has already proved that she works well away from the group with her huge hit 'Cold Noodles'. Jessica will also have a star-studded cast to back her up. Co-starring with Jessica will be Kim Jong Jin and Kim Dong Wook.
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