Monday, August 24, 2009

Yoona’s Real Weight & Height Publicly Revealed and She Prefers Older Men!

SNSD's Yoona was on KBS's Champagne recently as a guest, and she publicly revealed her weight as well as height.

Much to the jealousy of the female guests, doe-eyed Yoona revealed that she weighed a little less than 50Kg (~110lbs.) and was 167 cm (~5' 6") tall. It's very surprising that she's only 167 cm tall because she seems a lot taller, seeing how she towers over the shorter members of SNSD. However, this is good news for all the perfectly capable men out there who are just lacking a bit in the height department. Men who are used to walking by the "Big and Tall" clothing sections with their heads down as they hurriedly sneak their way over to the "Young Men" and sometimes even "Junior" section. Midgets, I mean men, rejoice! There's still hope!

Well, that is if you're 24 years old and younger because Yoona also revealed that she prefers older men, but only up to 5 years older. Yoona also mentioned that she was preyed upon recently when returning home from the beauty salon. She had no make up on at the time, and was wearing comfortable clothes as an older male approached her with his cell phone out asking for her number. She then politely thanked him, and turned him away.

However, that was only part of the story because she failed to mention that the male she rejected was me. I can still remember her exact words, "Eww... get away from me. What are you like 4 ft 2? What's with the long bangs, do you think you're a girl or something? I bt you still live in your mom's garage don't you? Ugh... you disgust me." Although those words were a little harsh, I was actually more surprised than hurt. I just could not figure out how she was able to guess everything correctly.


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