Friday, August 28, 2009

SNSD’s Sooyoung looks best in jeans


SNSD's Sooyoung has been voted to the top spot, for the title of "best looking singer as a jean model" via music portal site Bugs.

Standing in at 170cm with a pair of extremely long legs, Sooyoung received over 50% of the votes.

Netizens stated:

"Sooyoung's long legs and slender body make her the perfect jean model!"

Coming in at 2nd place was Son Dambi at a height of 168cm. Wow! I didn't realize Sooyoung was taller than Dambi. Anyway, as much as I love SNSD, I can't agree with the results. First of all, Son Dambi has got one fine butt, second of all, if any SNSD member were to win this award, it would have to be Yuri with her fine hips and booty.

The rest of the list:
3. After school UEE (170cm)
4. KARA Nicole
5. Jewelry Park Jung Ah
6. Baek Ji Young

Did they get it right? Absolutely not.
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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think that SooYoung doesn't get enough credit. Everyone is always talking about how beautiful Yuri and Seohyun are. Yuri, in my opinion, is the least pretty of the group. SooYoung and Yoona are my favorites.
SooYoung has the most gorgeous legs that I have ever seen, and I think she rightfully earned this.
It seems as though anytime she gets credited with being pretty, somebody has to try to destroy it by saying "Yuri is better!".
Stop being bitchy and just let her have this one thing without having to complain about it.