Sunday, August 30, 2009

Battle of the Acting Idols


This fall, your three favorite idols will be competing in, not music charts, but TV ratings!
Three different idols will be appearing on three different dramas on three different broadcasting companies. I smell a battle of the idols!

MBC - Jung Yunho (Uknow-Yunho) (TVXQ)

As the leader of the five-member pop group TVXQ, Jung Yunho will be appearing as the protagonist on "Heading to the Ground" airing on September 9th after "Hon" finishes. In this drama, he will be acting with Go Ara, and play the role of a passionate soccer player. "Heading to the Ground" will attempt to break the chain of failures of sports-related dramas. My opinion? With an astounding number of dedicated fans, they won't have to worry about ratings. Well, unless it sucks...real "Dream".

SBS - Kim Heechul (Super Junior)

Kim Heechul will be representing his 13-member group, Super Junior as a supporting actor on "I Love You Ten Million Times". This drama already aired on August 29th. Lee Soo Kyung and Jung Kyo Woon are the main actors. Park Soo Jin will be the other supporting actress, and we expect quite a connection between the current idol (Heechul) and ex-idol (Soo Jin: ex-Sugar).


We all know much about T.O.P's drama, "Iris" which will air on October 14th. Although T.O.P will only be a supporting actor, the superb main cast including Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee will sure shine the drama. "Iris" will be the first "spy" drama. T.O.P plays the role of a cold assassin.

More idols on screen:
FT Island's Lee Hong Ki will be appearing on SBS's "You're Beautiful". On the other hand, TVXQ's JaeJoong and Changmin will be appearing on different mini dramas of the "Telecinema Project": JaeJoong on "Heaven's Postman", and Changmin on "Paradise Meadow".

Idols have dominated the music scene, and now they're ready to conquer the drama scene as well. Before we know it, they will take over the world! Wait...I think that's already in progress.

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