Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chung Lim and his “Chewed Gum”

Finally after a long time of waiting since the release of the MV shooting, our friend Mardi09 was able to get us the full MV of Chung Lim's "Chewed Gum (씹다버린 껌)" featuring actress Yoo In Young. Although it was released a few weeks back, many of you have never seen this before, as it was unavailable on YouTube until now. So let's take a first look at Chung Lim's MV!

Although the MV is basically a CF for clothes brand Suga Point, it was well made and still a delight to watch, not to mention the song is very soothing to the ear.

On a side note, Chung Lim is expected to drop his new single / album sometime next month.