Monday, August 31, 2009

G.O.D.‘s Danny Ahn confesses his one-sided love for Eugene

Former G.O.D. member, Danny Ahn, confessed that he once had a one-sided crush on S.E.S member Eugene.

During the 'god special' on MBC variety program Come to Play, Danny Ahn confessed, "During G.O.D. days, I liked S.E.S' Eugene."

Fellow member Kim Tae Woo expressed, "At that time, Danny hyung would say, 'I will definitely date Eugene one day! I can get her!'", which caused laughter amongst those in the studio.


Additionally, Kim Tae Woo shared that Eugene had said that she had no idea Danny used to like her. It was said that during the recording, the words, "Eugene does not have a boyfriend," caught Danny's attention and that his expression lit up.
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