Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taemin Kisses a Girl Twice

Is SHINee's maknae kicking up a scandal by exposing some secret girlfriend? Maybe not - but fangirls are riled up all the same with his on-screen potential love interest on "Tae-Hee, Hye-Gyo, Ji-Hyun".

The MBC sitcom has been garnering interest with the recent cameo of SNSD's Jessica & Sunny, and now it's turning heads again with Taemin's first AND second on-screen kisses with Shim Eunkyung. Well, fans - the episode is out and none of you have to worry about any scandalous lip-locking action! After watching the videos, I'm not sure if these pecks are even worth being called kisses - Taemin "falls over" and kind of presses his mouth near Eunkyung's ear at 0:35, and she returns the favor to the back of his skull at 8:41 with equal lethargy.


Good going you two.

Thanks to princessyehri & meeshx3 for the tip!