Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SNSD Caused Servers to Crash

As proof of SNSD's overwhelming popularity, a recent influx of SNSD fans have caused Incheon World City Festival's official homepage to crash. The website was host to the event on Daum called "A Date With SNSD for a Day". Upon opening the event, the website was flooded with visitors trying to claim the once in a life time date. Although officials reported that the servers are high-end servers, and could handle an impressive 10,000 visitors at once, it received a 1-hit-KO when up to 210,000 visitors tried to connect to the site.

They should have been more prepared for an event that includes two very important keywords, date and SNSD. On a side note, sales of keyboard replacement parts shot through the roof after the site crashed, particularly the replacement parts for the F5 key.

cr: sosiz and