Sunday, August 16, 2009

Follow Big Bang!

big bang

No, not on twitter, "Follow Me" happens to be one of the new songs on Big Bang's latest Japanese album "Bringin' You Love." Despite a rather incoherent "follow me" hook during the chorus, the track itself sounds like it'll be a pretty hot dance beat, featuring Big Bang's favorite adlib "oh ah oh." Check it out for yourselves.

Another track preview released was for "Bringin' You Love." Not feeling the beat as much and the auto-tuned voices were a turn off, but hey it's just a preview.

I'm sure any fangirl would say yes if a Big Bang member asked to have them come to a "Love Club." Once again, I think I need to hear the rest of the track to really judge it.

"Stay" seems to offer something other than just beats, showcasing vocals...well, from Taeyang at least. Upbeat, yet strong vocals. Always a plus.

The album will drop August 19, 2009. That's just one day after GD's solo album drops in Korea. Big Bang is definitely bringin' you love back-to-back. Give them some love by purchasing those albums.