Saturday, May 29, 2010

POSTER for the upcoming fanfic ''Will a diamond changed to a charcoal? ''

This is my second poster made for a fanfic. And this Fanfic is a sequal of ''You are like a little diamond'' which can be found here:

When this upcoming fanfic have been posted by Vanheartsuju, I will edit this post and post up the link for this new fanfic.


dainieru., said...

your blog's nice! uhmm... mind telling me how you put the 'keywords' part in your blog?? I've spent hours figuring out how to do it (which is obviously a failure :D) maybe you can help me.. ^^ kamsa!
by the way, I've read the first 3 chapters of your fanfic already and it was a good start..indeed Yoona has this charm that can really attract Donghae..^^,

p.s. if you have the time, you may also check out my fanfic(if only your interested, its Super generation based too)
its just somewhere within my blog..again, kamsahamnida~! ^^