Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What’s next for 2PM?


2PM's Jaebeom recently posted that he will be quitting the group and returning home.

So what's to come of 2PM?

JYP Entertainment stated:

"It seems there will be issues with 2PM's future activities. For now, Jaebeom has stated that he wants to return to American as soon as possible. Because of Jaebeom's controversy, we have not made any decisions on 2PM's future activities."

2PM was supposed to make a comeback in October with their 2nd album, however due to Jaebeom's leave, nothing is certain as of yet. JYPE is still unsure of whether 2PM should be a 6-member group, or if they should recruit a new member. Consequently, JYPE also needs to choose a new leader for 2PM.
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A/N: I really felt how heavy my heart feels after found and post these news. But Why can´t they just forgive him? Everyone do mistakes in their life. It´s almost a human right to things wrong especially when someone is young.