Sunday, September 6, 2009

TRAX + Air Rocks Inkigayo

Project rock band TRAX + Air had a performance on today's Inkigayo.

TRAX+Air is a combination of SM Entertainment's rock group TRAX and rookie rock group Air, who decided to collaborate for this week's Inkigayo. The group performed "Fate" which is the ending track for the Wednesday-Thursday drama "Swallow the Sun".

TRAX was formerly a 4 member group, but their drummer/backup vocalist left the group, causing a temporary hiatus on activities. This collaboration with Air was exactly what they needed to get back into the spotlight.


You can say what you want about Korean rock, but this stage was lit up by an amazing performance. Forget any implications you had about K-rock before and prepare to have them blown away by this performance. It's a can't miss.


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