Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jaebeom Leaves Korea

Former 2PM leader, Jaebeom...or I guess we should now say Jay Park, has left Korea. The fallen star left Korea on September 8th, 2009 on an afternoon flight at Incheon Airport with over 500 fans literally screaming, crying, and begging for him not to go.

Since the scandal broke out, much controversy has stirred up in the Korean and online community with hate and support forums popping up everywhere. Rumors had been spiraling that Jay was leaving 2PM but JYP announced that he would be staying with the group, leaving fans relieved, only to have the moment shortened by a guilt ridden Jay who announced he would be leaving the group to take responsibility as a leader and to no longer put the group through more trouble.

credit: Symbelmyns

Reports from Korea puts the blame mainly on the online community, saying that they took a small mistake and blew it out of proportion, pushing Jay over the limit and caused him to resign with their hate forums and blogs that mushroomed out of control, although many have expressed their positive opinions about him.

One netizen even said, "I am not a fan of 2PM but I am a fan of music. I admit what Jaebeom said was wrong but it is undeniable that the guy is super talented and thus he should be forgiven."

With Jaebeom leaving Korea and stepping down as leader, new rumors are spiraling that Junho will be taking over as leader of 2PM. How this will affect the group and its schedule is unclear but one thing is for sure; it will never be the same again.


Jaebeom reportedly arrives at 12:40PM PST in Seattle.

Many fans both in Korea and worldwide are in hysterics, and rumors have been flying off the roof. Though it's heartbreaking for many to see this talented leader leave, the dust has yet to settle and we are still waiting on further official reports from JYPE.

Thus, no assumptions on 2PM and Jay should be made yet as no formal plans have been announced. We hope the best for his future endeavors, be it with 2PM or not. Stay tuned for further developments!
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